Coast Protein

Kathleen Loski and I recently created some new work for Coast Protein with Creative Director John Larigakis.

We were tasked with creating visual representations of the environmental impacts of whey protein VS Coast cricket protein. This involved photographing plates of dirt layers, grass, water jugs and balloons, at different perspectives in order to piece them together and make it all look like the real deal.



Water image shot from above with camera mounted on the rafters. Foam core used as “floor”.


Plates of dirt and a block of wood were used to get a realistic “block of land” shape.

The balloons were more or less shot as is. Strings were added and removed and the balloons were heavily cleaned up in post.


Sometimes a concept is so tricky that figuring out exactly how to shoot it can’t be done by one person. This was the case on this one but Kathleen Loski and I put our heads together with some late night help by Kurtis Stewart and in the end we figured it out. We ended up with a new appreciation for conceptual advertising photography and a bunch of images that we’re pretty proud of.


John Larigakis handed us a doozie and it was a pleasure pushing our problem solving limits to make his vision a reality.



Wednesday, June 7, 2017